Health and Wellbeing in the Work Place

Health and Wellbeing is so important in the workplace, not only for the health and happiness of the individuals but for the employer it means more productivity per hour, less sick days and better staff retention.

To incorportate holistic therpaies into the workplace not only shows staff that they work for an employer who cares, it improves their health, their attitude to work, relations with colleagues, motivation, and gives them something to work towards.

There are many excellent companies throughout the UK who approach wellbeing in the workplace from different angles. 

 Why we think you should work with us………..

Crystal Healing Cheshire work with a variety of therapists offering different treatments.  We will offer your staff an initial consultation where we will work out what therapists and what treatments will be required for that individual.  We will then arrange a day to suit you to come and spend all day doing back to back treatments.  Your staff will have an allocated time slot that will either be 30 minutes or 1 hour.  

We can book a one off wellbeing day or multiple time slots  throughout the year.  All therapists are checked, qualified and insured.  There will be a minimum of 1 therapist per wellbeing day, numbers will vary on the number of  treatments booked per day.

For further information on booking a wellbeing day for your business please contact Heather on 07545454415 or email


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