Make Up Massage Masterclass

Do you have a big night coming up and want your face to look more awake before you put your make up on?

Nothing can compare to healthy skin and regularly looking after your face by seeing a skin therapist, however, we all need a pick me up between treatments, and sometimes we want to look that extra bit special for a birthday or event.

We do a 1 hour holistic face massage where we retrain the muscles, its known as the non surgical facelift as it just uses massage techniques.

We will be teaching classes where we show you some of the basic techniques from the facial where you can pull your muscles up creating a fresh youthful look for under your make up that will take you around 10 minutes to achieve at home using basic massage strokes.  We will show you on one side of the face first so you can take photos and look in the mirror to see how quickly it makes a difference.


Indian Head Massage Workshop

Would you like to know the basics of head massage to be able to do at home?

This is not a qualification in Indian Head massage, it is a workshop to show you the basic techniques.

We will be holding group classes where you can attend on your own or with a friend.

If you would like to book a class just for 2 or a group this is also possible for an additional charge.

Head massage techniques are great for stress, headaches, sleep, general relaxation and to help with hair growth.

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