Archangel Healing

What is Archangel Healing

Divine Angelic Healing is a very safe and non-invasive form of Spiritual Healing where we only work with the purest energies of the Divine Archangels of Pure Light. During the healing we are surrounded in unconditional love at all times and where only the best intentions are set for the wellbeing of the client.

We work healing your past, your present and your future, helping to heal your Inner Child of any trauma that may have occurred either during this lifetime or previous ones. Healing trauma from your past and helping to dissolve Ancestral Karma.

For people who are seriously looking to improve their Spiritual vitality and wellbeing we provide a springboard for those people to travel deeper into their ‘Spirituality’ and help them to focus upon their own personal goals. Removing all the restraints that have either been put upon us by other people in other dimensions or even the restraints that we have put upon ourselves that are stopping us from moving forward not only in this lifetime but in lifetimes to come. The more we heal the more ‘baggage/trauma’ we can release, the more Light we can absorb.


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