Sleep and the connection to Alzheimer’s

Sleep seems to be something we take for granted as a child, pushing bedtimes later and later for the fear of missing out.

Then when we become the parent we desperately want a good nights sleep.

Many things can effect our sleep, stress, anxiety, health, medications, environment, work patterns, too much screen time, foods, and this week- lets not forget about the weather.

But the difference between one night of no sleep to what becomes an ongoing problem can drastically affect your health.

It goes without saying that it can cause havoc with our mental health, making us more irritable, anxious, stressed, low mood. We are more likely to reach for junk food and it has many effects on our physical health. Today I wanted to look at the connection between sleep and Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

A recent study caught my attention a few weeks back. It suggested that sleep deprivation increases a build up in Beta-amyloid. Beta-amyloid is a protein in the brain associated with brain function and Alzheimer’s Disease where it clumps together and causes a problem with communication between neurons. As well as one night of sleep increasing Beta-amyloid the study also suggests that sleep clears it. (1)

When looking on the Alzheimer’s society website (2) (they have local and national offices) it was interesting to read about the circle of sleep, which I would describe as a vicious circle. Not only does the study above suggest that a lack of sleep contributes to Alzheimer’s but the Alzheimer’s society website explains how when someone with Dementia has a poor nights sleep – which is a common occurrence, their memory is worse the next day. Its very unfortunate that lack of sleep not only plays it’s role in Dementia but is sadly a symptom of it.

There are various things we can all do to try to improve our sleep, but today I am going to talk to you about crystals. I have lots of clients who come to me with sleep issues, I have clients who come to me with other concerns or who just want a relaxing treatment who comment on how well they sleep after a treatment. I like to keep in contact with my clients and always want to know how they are after a treatment and the main comment I get is how well they slept that night.

One of my clients asked me recently about how we can work out a plan for her health at the moment and going forward, each client is treated specifically for them. One of her concerns for the future is the same as many, looking at what family members have suffered with in the past and how to prevent it. It was when looking at this clients care plan that I started to look at the links between Alzheimer’s and sleep. There are crystals that are known to work with Alzheimer’s that I will include in this clients treatment plan, but a large part of her treatment will also look at sleep. Lepidolite is known to help with both Alzheimer’s and insomnia so this will be included as part of the relaxation plan. Hopefully as well as the general benefits of crystal healing that encourages a healthy body we can work to reduce any build up of Beta-amyloid.

The websites mentioned above are listed below, if you want to discuss how crystal therapy can help your sleep please use the ‘contact form’ or you can book directly for a session here ‘book now’



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