Crystal Healing For Anxiety (the basics)

Anxiety can effect us all, for some it is constantly, others may have it from time to time and for people who don’t have it frequently they may only encounter it during major life changes.

Crystal healing on a basic level helps the body to relax, we could all do with an hour where we take time for ourselves.  Many people fall asleep during a treatment, especially those who come in regarding sleep problems, so they leave feeling instantly refreshed after a power nap during a treatment.  Other people enter a state that is awake but they are relaxed like they are dreaming – it is a very individual experience and even for one person not every treatment will be the same, it will always be what that person needs that day.

During a treatment the aura is checked thoroughly and any holes are repaired.  Not only do we lose energy out of the holes like leaving the window open, but we also take in energy that isn’t ours.  Have you ever walked in a room where someone has had an argument and you can feel the energy in the room? How did it make you feel? Uncomfortable, drained, like you wanted to leave? On the other side of things, how wonderful does it feel when you go to a festival and you can feel everyone enjoying themselves, upbeat and happy.  We are all made up of energy and we are effected by the energy around us.  Spiritually, anxiety is in the air, it circles around us, most of the time it wont effect people, but in times of sadness, change, worry, sickness, injury, our aura can end up with holes and we can take on the anxiety.  Sometimes we will know exactly why we feel that way, we may have been in a situation or around people that we can pin point it to that, we may be going through something in our lives where its understandable that we feel the way we do, other times it will be out of the blue, no explanation and nothing we do can shift the feeling that is out of our control.

Lets think about that open window again where all the energy is going out- memories of people asking were you born in a barn as all the heat is let out.  Think about when you leave your window open….. you let in warm or cold air, sounds, smells, all of our senses are effected by leaving that window open, the smell and noise of freshly cut grass, the sounds of children playing, the smells of BBQ’s in summer, all of these things trigger a reaction, a thought, a sense within us.  It is the same for your body, when we have holes in our aura we are drained by the energy leaving the holes but we also take on all the outside energy, this can effect all our senses just the same, but this time it works on our physical health – we can pick up illness, our emotional health – we end up in a bad mood because of the influence of others, and not forgetting our mental and spiritual health where we can take on the anxiety in the air.

By repairing the holes you take back control of your own energy.  You shut the window.  Your body can begin to repair what is happening inside using its full energy, and outside energy isn’t causing further damage to your body.

There is a lot more to what happens during a treatment and the after effects, but on a basic level, if you have been feeling anxious it is likely to be a sign that you have holes in your aura…… and although there may be a lot more going on that needs to be worked on, fixing those holes is step 1.

If you have found this helpful please subscribe to our updates and I will be continuing to discuss anxiety and what can be done in more detail.  If you are based in Greater Manchester and would like to book in for a treatment to repair your aura at the clinic in Cheadle then please get in touch and we will book a telephone consultation with you to find out exactly how we can help and plan a treatment tailored just for you.

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