Welcome to Crystal Healing Cheshire by Heather Cassidy.

Crystal healing is rewiring the electrics in your home but for you and your body.  We are made up of energy, we have energy wheels known as chakras that run through the body, these wheels can become blocked causing disease and ill health.  Outside of our bodies we have auras surrounding us that run in a clockwise movement in a continual current of energy.  Our auras can have holes and rips in, these can be caused by situations, sickness, injury, even just falling over can cause a hole in your aura.  The problem with holes in the aura is its leaving a break in our energy, through the hole we can lose energy from the body causing fatigue and energy can enter causing sickness.  All energy needs to go somewhere.  

During a crystal treatment Heather will locate any blockages in the chakras and holes in the aura and repair them using crystals.  The client will be able to feel the crystals working, it is a relaxing sensation and everyone experiences different things, some people fall asleep, some people can feel warm and cold sensations, some can feel the energy moving around their aura, some people experience visions like a dream.  Everyone who experiences Crystal Therapy for the first time is always shocked because not many people know what to expect, but after a treatment people always look forward to a second treatment.  

Regular Crystal Therapy treatments will deal with what is happening at the time, initial Crystal Therapy treatments will work on peeling back the layers of our past.  Things that happened in our childhood can sit in the outer layers of our auras causing problems later in life.  By rewiring our personal electrics the crystals work to help physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  

Whether people need to turn their electrics off at the wall and have a full reset or just want a relaxing holistic treatment to uplift and re-energise, Crystal Healing is the electrical check up that anyone can enjoy.  

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